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Core i9 Laptop for Sale | Price of Core i9 Laptops in Pakistan

Intel Core i9 is the most advanced version of the “i” series, which is specifically designed for users with high-end requirements. The laptops from this series are well-suited to the professionals like business owners, programmers, full-time gamers, data scientists, graphics designers, and coders who need lightning-fast speed and high-performance efficiency.

The CPUs from this line of the Intel series contain around six to eighteen cores, as the number can vary according to the different generations.

The range of processor speed is from 2.9 GHz to 3.6 GHz, and the turbo boost can reach up to 5 GHz. This processing speed provides you massive performance edge and enables you to handle any type of heavy-duty task easily.

When it comes to the comparison of this processing unit with core i7, core i5, or core i3, then core i9 has a clear edge. Since it has a better processing speed in the entire series, it contains more threads and cores, and hyperthreading is also enabled.

Considering all these factors, it would be right to say that if you have a sufficient budget, then investing in this series of Intel will be the wise decision.

These machines are also available in Pakistan. However, if you want to get the Lowest Core i9 laptop price in Pakistan, then you need to put in some time and effort to do the research. Also, there are different generations available for this CPU, and some of the latest ones include generations 11th, 12th, and 13th.

Here are some more relevant details about it.

Best Core i9 Gaming Laptops in Pakistan

You will find a rich collection of Core i9 gaming laptops in Pakistan, which are equipped with amazing configurations. You must keep in mind different factors while choosing gaming machines, such as processor, display quality, RAM, and many more. Fortunately, you are going to find all these features in this series of Intel.

Choosing this series allows you to take your gaming station anywhere. These models are specifically designed to help gamers to overcome the challenges of modern gaming. The processing unit used in these devices was originally designed for desktops. The successful testing proved that it could also be suitable for laptops.

Acer Predator Triton 500, MSI Pulse GL66, Asus ROG Strix Scar 17, MSI Titan GT77, and Acer Nitro 5 AN515 are some best core i9 laptops for gaming.

7 Top Core i9 Laptop Brands in Pakistan

You will find top-quality machines of this series from big manufacturers in the market. The pricing can vary from brand to brand, so you need to decide what's best according to your requirements and budget limitations. Let’s find out more about them.


HP remains the top priority of consumers around the world who want a premium workstation. It can be the right option for professionals who have to do animation work or 3D modeling, or other business-related work.

Reliability and quality are the two major things that you will find in HP devices. However, you must look into some factors, such as display, RAM, and other features, before making any buying decision. Also, the HP Core i9 laptop price in Pakistan can vary according to the cost of different regions, so do research beforehand.

Elitebook, Pavilion 15, Envy x360, Spectre x360, Victus 15, and Omen 16 are some of the relevant models which you can consider.


Another top name in the commuting industry is Dell. Their devices feature the top of line hardware specs, which can be the perfect addition for your professional or personal use.

The latest processing units and fast SSD storage are some of the prominent aspects of their machines. It can help you get some of the specialized work done easily, courtesy of its heavy-hitting hardware.

Dell G15, Alienware 15, and Dell XPS 15 are some best and most relevant models which you can consider in this regard. Cost is an important factor, so ensure that Dell Core i9 laptop prices in Pakistan are within your budget and affordable.


Here is one of the most reliable brands that has a large number of customers around the world. You will find a massive range of Lenovo i9 laptops as it has different categories, including ThinkPad, Ideapad, and Yoga, which can address your professional or personal concerns.

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, LOQ 15, ThinkPad P16, Thinkbook 15, and Yoga 9i are some of the prominent devices which you can consider buying.


Acer is one of the leading brands which can provide you with high-quality machines which you can consider for general-purpose work. These devices meet industry benchmarks and can provide you with exceptional specs, good price points, and prolonged battery life. Acer Nitro 5 i9 12th gen is one of the best devices of this series which you must consider.


MSI is known for its top-performing GPUs and motherboards, which are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of professional gamers. Gaming is particularly associated with this brand, so if you are a gamer and looking for powerful machines, then you may consider this brand.

Sword 15, Stealth 15, Raider GE68, and Katana 15 B13V are some of the relevant models which can provide you with the desired results.


Here is another gaming brand in which you will find RGB implementation, speedy processing unit, and customization of different features. It will help you achieve the desired gaming results for any type of gaming, so you can keep all your activities on track. Razer Blade 15 and Razer Blade 14 are some of the prominent models which you can consider.


The Asus offers a rich collection of graphics and gaming-oriented machines. These devices contain quality displays, high-level connectivity, fast-paced CPUs, and good battery performance, which are the most integral components for the performance of any machine.

ROG Zephyrus 16, ROG Zephyrus 14, and ROG Strix 15 are some of the relevant Asus Core i9 laptops in Pakistan with the Lowest Prices if you order them from Paklap.

Core i9 Laptops with Top NVIDIA RTX Graphic Cards

All of the core i9 machines contain top GPUs of NVIDIA, which are tested and approved by the experts according to industry standards. So, apart from the processor, the presence of quality GPUs like RTX 3060, 4050, 4060, 4070, 4080 & 4090 can ensure excellent graphical results, which can be really handy, especially for full-time gamers.

Who Should Choose Core i9 Laptops?

This series obviously stands out from previous generation devices, which makes it a perfect fit for high-end requirements. With top-end features and lightning-fast speed, this series is well-suited to graphic designers, AutoCAD designers, web designers, data scientists, gamers, and business professionals. Anyone who wants to manage a heavy workload on a daily basis must opt for this series.

Buy Core i9 Laptops Online in Pakistan

If you want the Best Core i9 Laptop in Pakistan within a limited budget, then contact Paklap. We have got a huge range of machines which can meet your expectations in terms of work and finances.

Brand New Intel Core i9 Laptop Price in Pakistan is starting from Rs. 759,900. We offer free cash on delivery in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore, and you can also visit our stores in these cities. If you want to receive an order in another city, then you have to pay the bill beforehand.