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MSI Gaming Laptops in Pakistan

Where gaming was once considered just a simple time-off activity, it’s now reached the level of professionalism, many companies are spending millions on developing games while others are spending even more on creating the best and most powerful computers to meet their users’ requirements. Buy MSI Gaming Laptops in Pakistan at affordable prices from

The gaming industry has been evolving at rapid speeds, every day new games are released and manufacturers are continuously introducing newer and better gaming machines to cope with the increasingly demanding nature of modern games. There is a craze everywhere in the world, including Pakistan, in the young generation, many people are taking parts in serious professional grade international gaming competitions.

The games that were developed 10 years from now we're very different and so are the machines, while in those days where you could power on a simple P4 computer and start playing some games like GTA, NFS, etc. The Games of today, like GTA V, Witcher 3, etc. are so taxing in terms of memory and graphics usage that that older system can’t even open them. So in order to play your favorite games, you need a perfect high-end system.

When someone talks about gaming laptops, they usually mention the usual names like the Alien ware by Dell, but there’s another company that is creating groundbreaking gaming systems, with the latest powerful hardware and amazingly thin designs, that were once just a dream for a gamer to have for his gaming laptop. offers the best price of MSI Gaming Laptops in Pakistan. 

That company is -

MSI (Micro-Star International)

Headquartered in Taiwan, the MSI is somewhat of an underdog when it comes to developing gaming laptops, while most people, especially in Pakistan, are aware of laptops like Alien Ware, Razer Pro, etc. MSI is not a very common name. But it should be!
This company provides really premium quality products, with exceptional build qualities, coupled with the latest and highly power-packed hardware.

Real hardcore gamers know the value of MSI’s high-quality gaming gems, let’s take a look at some famous gaming models from MSI.

MSI Stealth Pro

The Latest Gaming Machine that has a Core i7 processor, GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, 1TB Hard Disk, 16GB RAM, and many more things. It’s also VR (Virtual Reality) ready so you can play your games more realistically.

Along with these, it offers a full-fledged viewing experience with its 17.3-inch large display, with TrueColor.

MSI Phantom Pro

Another one with almost similar characteristics, 16GB RAM, i7, GTX 1060. There’s a difference of design though.


A real power-packed beast with a massive 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage, plus the usual Core i7 processor (Quadcore) powering up the computing tasks. Laptops like these can play almost any game, even the most memory and power-hungry games will run smoothly and with high frame rates with such strong hardware.

There are plenty of other machines that provide a real example of worthy designs and builds, not to mention the top-notch hardware.

A system, particularly a gaming laptop is made up of different factors for example:

A mean design
All-powerful Graphics Card
The latest Quadcore Processor
Abundant RAM
MSI really excel in designs, a gaming laptop has to look like one, it should be powerful enough that it can take some roughhousing and curvy enough that it turns heads where ever it is.

MSI knows this and creates a system with beautiful designs, with sharp curves and edges, the badass looking big vents; that is the de facto symbol of gaming laptops, premium quality materials that not only make them look beautiful but also add to their sturdiness, most MSI’s machines are designed to be portable as well as powerful. For instance, the Stealth Pro is only 19.6mm thick, a pretty thin casing for such a powerful machine, but that doesn’t mean it looks any less, with the intimidating logos, and illuminating linings, backlit keypad (that is standard for every MSI laptop) it gives a proper hard-core look.

This company has always used real powerful Graphics Cards, usually from Nvidia, starting from the 940MX to the latest GTX 1080, you can find every kind of laptop in MSI’s den.

Almost all of the latest systems come with the new Core i7 Generation Processors, that deliver a trustworthy performance whether you’re or doing any ordinary everyday tasks. This manufacturer is also pretty generous in terms of RAM, you can find models with 16GB and 32GB RAM easily.

This company also won the Readers’ Choice award by PCMag (A top-ranked, famous international computer-related website) for the second-best laptop of 2017 running Windows.

All these praises, now you must be excited to get your hands on one. Although MSI is not common in Pakistan, fret not because here on Paklap, you will find your dream MSI Laptops at the best available price, in fact, you can cross-check and you will find that our laptops and their prices are often significantly lower than others, not only in Pakistan but even internationally.

So, if you’re serious about gaming, and want a system that can go with you anywhere you go because you want to use it for other purposes as well then MSI Gaming Laptops might be the best system for you, as mentioned earlier their systems efficiently pack thin designs and powerful hardware together. Take a look around and you will find an MSI laptop that will perfectly suit all of your needs.