Samsung Galaxy Buds Black (SM-R170)


The earbuds are light in weight, discreet and have a comfortable design that enable it to fit easily into your ears. Also, the rubber wing tips aid in better fit of the ear buds in to your ears. The ear buds also houses features such as volume control, and play/ pause your music, among others.

The light weight ear buds come in a small case that performs dual function. For starters it keeps your ear buds in one place, and protects it from dirt and any sort of external dust. On the other hand, the compact case acts as a wireless charger as well.


The charger starts working after you have turned on the Bluetooth. However, considering the ear buds can give you about six hours with a single charge, you would not need to use the charger much often. A magnet, present inside the case, keeps the ear buds in place and prevents them from moving. There is also an LED light that indicates the battery charge and remaining energy in the ear buds.

The ear buds are comfortable to use and cancel out any external noise. The Galaxy Wearable application enhances the features of the ear buds by providing multiple options such as equalizer for selecting pre-sets, ambient sounds and many others. Even if you misplace your earbuds, the Find my Earbuds feature helps you keep a track of them and hunt them down.

Another great feature of the ear buds is their ability to enhance nearby voices to help you keep alert of your surroundings and protect you from any unforeseen incident.


Great sound isolation, amazing audio performance and a smart companion app makes the Samsung Galaxy earbuds a piece of modern technology.


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