The Best and Amazing Nikon B500 16-MP 40x Digital Camera Black

Nikon B500 16-MP 40x Digital Camera Black


An ultra-zoom camera, the Nikon B500 comes with a 40x optical zoom lens. It has a 16 MP sensor, a 3 inch screen that can be tilted, and built in Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi. The 40x optical zoom lens can zoom from a wide angle to up to 900 mm. The inbuilt VR (Vibration Reduction) feature keeps every shot that you capture sharp and vivid even when you might be shooting with the optical zoom or in a low light setting. There are two zoom controls on the camera. The other zoom control is present on the side of the camera. The button lets you quickly pan out.


The Nikon B500 comes with support for NFC and Wi-Fi for connecting to a smartphone, tablet or any such compatible device. The Bluetooth option lets you use the Nikon’s Snapbridge software. The Snap Bridge software is designed for you to transfer low power images effortlessly and in less time. Through the Snapbridge application, you can also control the camera to a certain extent. The camera offers FHD video recording and also allows you to make use of the optical zoom while recording. The integrated stereo microphones help record clear and loud audio. Other key features of the Nikon B500 include Panormic shooting, 9 frames per second for 7 continous shots, and 1 cm Macro.


The camera has a huge hand grip with a rubber textured covering. On the back of the camera, there is a thumb grip. When making use of both grips, the camera becomes really to handle, and keeps your hand stable while shooting any important photographs. The camera has a number of controls. These controls include a mode dial. The mode dial gives you fast accessibility to settings which include exposure settings, video recording mode and macro shooting. The labels on the button are clear and easily understandable.


The camera offers different battery life depending on the type of battery you might be using. For alkaline batteries, you can get almost 600 shots. On the other hand, lithium battery gives you around 1240 shots, while the rechargeable EN MH2 batteries provide you 750 shots. In any case the battery is more than enough to get you shots of your preference without having you to obsess over battery life. The camera is fast when it comes to switching modes and shooting.


The focus speed is also impressive and can shoot 7 shots at the rate of 9fps. The camera’s exposure is good and focuses on the right colours without altering the tones and hues. For dynamic range the D lighting option does a satisfactory job and captures quite the natural ambience. The camera comes with a number of digital filters as well. The creative effects include the noir, selective colour option, light, depth, memory and classic.


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