When it comes to processors there are only two names that come to mind - Intel & AMD.

Although, there are many other companies making processors there are not famous enough and certainly not mainstream like these two, a few years back AMD was also not very well known and Intel was considered the undisputed king of Processor manufacturing Industry.

However, things have changed with time, AMD has proven itself to be good enough for both laptops as well as desktops, and the two processor giants have been in the headlines recently for a tough competition between their latest processors, Intel’s Core i9 and AMD’s Ryzen series chips-sets.

Desktop computers are slowly moving towards oblivion

A decade ago - there were not many laptop systems, people owned, and preferred, desktop computers because they were stable, have enough power to handle everyday tasks and people were generally more inclined towards buying a reliable desktop than a laptop which was comparatively new technology back then.

But times have changed drastically now, business companies and hard-core gamers who preferred desktop systems because of their power are also taking interest; and are using more and more, laptop computers and similar smaller and more portable devices like tablets and 2-in-1 systems.

Now that laptops are coming with the newest and powerful hardware, that you might not even find in a gaming desktop, people are taking more interest in buying laptops, because they offer portability and you can choose from thousands of available designs, it’s always nice to take your system with you wherever you go which simply cannot be done with a desktop system.

As far as the processors go, both - AMD & Intel have provided reliable chip-sets for desktop computers, where Intel has ruled on a whole industry of home computers with its famous Pentium series processors, AMD has also pushed its equally powerful processors in the market.

Regarding, the sale value or the market value of both companies, it always seems that Intel is winning but that might be because Intel is simply a larger establishment than AMD, so they push out more processors in the market (they also manufacture their processors themselves, while AMD goes to external manufacturers after giving them their original designs), so since there are simply more processors of Intel in the market that could be reasons why they seem more famous.

But AMD has a tactical advantage

Even though both companies have processors with almost a similar level of power, there are some ways in which one is one step ahead of the other. For instance, AMD bought the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) manufacturing company “ATI”, in 2006.

This has enabled them to push out processors who can be matched with a powerful dedicated Graphics Card as well the ATI Radeon series, for example, is a famous one and many top laptop manufacturers are incorporating it into their systems.

To compete with this Intel doesn’t offer much, the Integrated Graphics System of Intel does offer decent amounts of power, but only for work that can be termed as ‘normal’, anything that is too demanding requires your laptop or desktop to have a dedicated GPU, however, the Integrated system is not all that bad, since the Graphics and Logical Operations are handled by the same chipset, there is virtually no heat in comparison with a system with a heavy Graphics Card.

Core i9 vs Ryzen

The latest processors by both processing giants are fairly similar. Offering multiple cores and threads and coming in different variations (like 12 Core, 16 Core, 18 Core etc.), as long as the power goes - both processors give you the same level of performance.

Since the technical traits of both processors are so alike, they are in a really tough competition with each other, while Intel has the advantage of a large loyal consumer base on its side, AMD does have a significant pro, and that is the price, you can buy the latest AMD in almost half the price of an i9.

Intel & AMD: Lost the battle against smaller devices

For desktops and laptops, both these companies were, and are, great. But when it comes to smaller and more compact devices like a tablet, then that’s where both of these companies seem to lack power.

Intel’s Netbook was a famous small laptop device that gained vast popularity, but all that was when there were no better devices available, companies like Apple and Samsung gave a tough competition to these processing giants, and actually won by creating better, more compact, and cheaper devices, the iPad for instance, with its recent increased screen size it can take part of a traditional laptop.

So which one is better, Intel or AMD?

The answer to that question depends on many factors, if you’re on a tight budget then you have to go for AMD, and since their processors are offering the same power as of Intel’s i9, then economically it seems like a better option.

But Intel has been in the business for a long time, it first launched its processors (the 8080 in 1974) and were the de-facto desktop chipset, and if you’re going for raw processing power, and more importantly, if you want to do gaming, then Intel would be a better choice.

Although the new Ryzen series processors are fully over clock table and give you a comfortable amount of power (it also helps their case that X-Box One and PlayStation 4 run on Jaguar chips by AMD), many of the famous gaming titles are specially optimized for Intel’s chipsets, and even if AMD was to win this processor war it would certainly take some time till all of the games support and perform on an AMD Processor like they do on a traditional Intel one.

If you want more information regarding these two processors then stay tuned, Paklap will keep you updated with all the upcoming news!