Anker Dual Port Car Charger + 2 Without Cable QUICK CHARGE With Official Warranty (A2224H12)


No matter what cell phone you might purchase, its charging is inevitable. It is possible, that your most trusted device- the mobile phone, or even your tablet- might bail on you when you are in a critical situation.


With the Anker Dual Port Car charger, you can be sure that your cell phone’s battery will be at a hundred percent whenever you want.

When you look at the device, the charger is possibly the smallest car chargers in the market, at the height of 2.5 inches and width of 1.1 inches at the base.


The charger features an LED light that powers on when you plug it in your car to verify that the charger has been plugged in. It is a very useful spec especially if you are in a dark area and want to quickly find your charger.

Renowned for its chargers, Anker’s Dual Port car charger keeps up with the reputation.


The charger has two USB A ports, with each having a charging speed of 5 volts per 2.4 Amperes.


The output you get is 4.8 Ampere. It means that you can easily charge any of your devices that support USB charging at maximum speeds.


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