To make the process slightly easier for you, we have summarized the main factors in these 4 points that you can quickly go over before buying one of the best size;

  1. Check the power rating of the product or appliance that you are buying the stabilizer for. You can check this on the nameplate details or from the manual book that comes along with the product.

  2. Stabilizers are usually rated in kVA and therefore the wattage can be calculated by straight away multiplying the appliance voltage with the maximum rated current.

  3. It is good to add a safety margin of 20-25 percent to your stabilizer rating, in case you ever want to add more appliances to that one stabilizer.

  4. If the appliance is in watts, then you need to consider a power factor before calculating the rating of stabilizer. Other than this, if stabilizers are in kW, then you simply multiply the power factor with voltage.

These steps are important because if you don’t find the best size appropriate for your appliance, then there is a high chance that either the stabilizer isn’t able to perform its purpose or the appliance gets affected by the fluctuating voltage. With that being said, be sure to cover all your bases before you finally buy one.