It is time for you to ditch your old, huge speakers and get your hands on these speakers which hardly will take up any space in your room. SA has eliminated all the mess of wires that comes with other speakers but included all possible features in just one pair of speakers. You have the option to use a built-in Airplay if you have Apple devices or Chromecast for Android; all users catered. In addition to this, there is Bluetooth, USB audio, Spotify connect and an amazing 24 bit/192 kHz.

You don’t have to worry about the times when you have to play music at the maximum value and that too for a continuous time period; these speakers will not let you down at any point so keep the party going. These are more like speakers on the go because you can easily move them around the house to wherever you want some music; kitchen or even the washroom sometimes. The music isn’t only loud, but it is clear as well. Usually, we have to play on maximum volume to be able to listen to all the instruments, but Silverback has clarity even in the lowest range.

It won’t be fair to reveal everything at once; it is now up to you to make this purchase and see how amazing the product turns out to be.