Be careful what you save today because there is a possibility your great great great great great great grandchildren might be having a look at it some time.

On a global level, this revolutionary technology is going to solve the data storage problem that becomes a great hurdle in future innovations by scientists and researchers. The use of gold nanomaterial has allowed a capacity of 10TB and six-century lifespan. Additionally, it might also just cut down on the energy usage because it consumes 1000 times less power than that of hard disks. So, cost-effectiveness ticked right there.

There is work being done almost every second in the world somewhere and all of that needs to be stored for future references. The current 50-year lifespan of optical disks does not seem to be that promising which is why these high capacity drives are going to give that jump from Big DATA to Long DATA centres; something imminent for new insights. To see it all actually happening, you will have to wait till they finally launch the drives publicly and wow the audience.

Stay Tuned!