In this modern times we live in, many businesses have been seeking to start up an online presence. Facebook group marketing or owning a website is a no brainer today. This comes as no surprise that presently online shopping is being adopted rapidly and widely that it has become more of a trend than a facility. Everyone is familiar with the fact that the most popular and largest social media platform, Facebook, connects people globally but don’t doubt the ability of this platform to run a business. When businesses think of the platform where they can sell their services, Facebook continues to be the top consideration to sell the product services to the potential buyer. Likewise website lets owner to have the fullest control on his media brand. Although both are essential for the marketing and brand building purposes but as a customer you may definitely have some queries regarding which is more reliable when it comes to shop online.

The feeling of fear is digestible and shouldn’t be argued about when you plan to buy goods online. Here are some stats and point of view about the relatability of website and facebook group side by side:

• Targeting the bigger masses:

Facebook is the largest platform that lets you connect to the people easily. About 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook out of which over 1 billion users are a daily users. If you take a look at the platform from a business point of view, 60+ businesses are on the facebook where as website has to be successful enough to be in the sight of the consumers to keep coming back. It’s always a challenge to remember the website addresses to type in to shop.

• Better Analysis of Products:

Facebook group has multiple options like “like”, “share”, “comment” and “reviews” that gives you a great and clear idea of the product you are deciding to buy. Whilst website lack the exposure. It does give the “review” option but it’s not always there in each site. You never know if the product is a hit or a miss in the public.

• Direct Contact:

Website allows limited or no opportunity to interact with the consumer where as facebook group is the hub of discussion that brings the seller and the customer under the same roof. Unlike a website, you can always message, call, video chat, a seller in a facebook group to clear the doubts that you have regarding the product that is being showcased in the post. Hence, a website lacks a better customer interaction and facebook group has the ability to facilitate a discussion not only with a selller but it also allows you to have a conversation with a group member. It links a people with similar/ common interests that can be a big guide in shopping.

• Updates:

A website has all the products posted with the description and the checkout process for once. You can be confused for hours thinking about “if it really is how it is shown in the picture?” But facebook group is always updated with mobile pictures and videos of the products that will be able to give you the better insight of the product. In the light of the aspects mentioned above, Facebook group definitely wins the game proving it is the most relaible way to buy goods. The reliability is maximum, the confidence to shop is unshakeable and it definitely educate the consumer more about the product.