Latest and Newly Amazing Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch Display with Touch Bar Space Gray Laptop

Apple - MacBook Pro - 13" Display with Touch Bar - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 512GB SSD (Latest Model) - Space Gray

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 in is the definition of luxury. The all new MacBook Pro 13 is a dream come true for creative professionals that need some high powered equipment. Boasting the same sleek and slim Apple style, the Space Grey coloured laptop easily fits into the contemporary category. The chassis is made of strong aluminium, and has the silver Apple logo engraved in the centre. Although to many it might resemble its predecessor, the Apple MacBook really shows its true colours and architecture when it comes to software and processor.


The MacBook Pro comes with the Intel Core i7 8559 U Quad Core Processor (8 threads) and an 8 MB cache. It can give you a clock speed of 4.5 GHz through the Turbo Boost Technology, making it perhaps the fastest ultra-books in the market. Apple claims that the processing speed of the laptop has increased by manifolds as compared to its predecessor. The Apple Pro comes with a RAM of GB and 512 SSD Hard Drive, making it capable of rendering professional tasks, and gives you a data transfer rate of about 3000 MBs per second.


Compared with other notebooks, the Apple Pro gives you a seven times faster data transfer speed. Thus, you can render your 3-D art work models, code a program or just do your daily official work without wasting a single second. It also features the Intel Iris plus Graphics 655. The Iris plus gives you a visual experience unlike ever before. The extra clear display makes the colours pop, while diminishing the effects of any pixels; thus, giving you a seamless, dot-less view.

Apple has often received a number of complaints regarding its keyboards in the past. From sticky keys, to faulty keyboards, users were not happy about the shortcomings of the most important input device of their Apple MacBooks. In the MacBook Pro 13 inch, you will find an efficient butterfly keyboard with spacious curved keys.


The keys help to maximize your typing speed with minimal errors. There is a silicon membrane under the key caps which prevent the accumulation and trespassing of dust particles that might halt the keyboard’s efficiency. The rubberized membrane also keeps the keyboard noise free, and allows for effortless typing. Present below the keyboard is the humongous trackpad. It employs the Force Touch Technology that turns the entire trackpad into a mouse like button. Through light touch, you can get through simple and regular computing tasks. However, when a force touch is applied you can benefit from additional services of an application; for instance if you are using the Maps and force-click on a certain point, the computer will pin that particular area.


The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches comes with three Thunderbolt Ports that allows you to connect two 4K monitors simultaneously. For wireless connectivity, it features the Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11 AC Wi-Fi that lets you access the world at lightning fast speed. There is also a 720 pixels HD camera, perfect for face timing your friends. The inbuilt mic provides clear sound to the listener with almost zero noise. The MacBook has stereo speakers, present on the sides of the keyboard. They produce loud, powerful sound with no distortions.


With great capability and strong software comes the fear of heat problem. However, Apple attends to this apprehension quite beautifully. The cooling fans present at the bottom work quietly. Even when the work load is increased they manage to remain quiet and keep the temperature not more than 95 degrees. The MacBook Pro does not compromise on battery as well. With a single charge, you can get a battery that lasts an entire work day, and still have enough left for your casual activities at home such as watch movies or surf the internet.


There is a finger print reader installed in the touch bar of the laptop. Present above the keyboard, the touch bar supports a resolution of 2170 pixels x 60 pixels. It is a really helpful friend who lets you control various applications through the touch of your fingers, such as accessing your photographs or launching the Safari internet explorer. The MacBook Pro also supports Siri through its T-Chip that you can use to give vocal commands for executing various tasks.


The Apple MacBook Pro has a beautiful 13 inch display. The screen has a resolution of 2560 pixels x 1600 pixels giving you an immaculate display quality. Moreover, the True Tone Technology through its dedicated sensors adjusts the tone of the screen to match your physical atmosphere. The True Tone thus protects your eyes from any kind of stress, and lets you work for long hours. The screen also has Retina Display which makes the images appear crystal clear.


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