Undeniably, a lot has changed. However, all of this is only possible if the computer system has the capacity to store the data onboard before processing any task. Just like state of the art processors, huge RAM sizes, powerful graphic cards and other hardware components are required to run contemporary programs and applications, storage devices are equally necessary. The reason being is that not only the storage devices store the program being executed, but also store other files and applications that are to be used later on.

As storage devices are accredited to be one of the most essential hardware component for any computer to run smoothly, this section of the store has been dedicated exclusively to Storage Solutions, so that all your storage needs could be catered satisfactorily, by only the best manufacturers in the business.

For your ease, this section has been demarcated into several segments. A brief overview of the categorisation of storage solutions is given below.      

Hard Disk Drives

The most commonly used storage devices for years, Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) have proven to be the most phenomenal storage solutions on a budget, for every computing need. From high-end applications to media files and from office work to highly demanding games, HDDs can store and deliver data seamlessly, wherever and whenever it is required.  

Apart from conventional computing needs, HDDs are also being used profusely in network-attached storage and surveillance systems as well. The extremely high storage capacity, which can extend up to 10 TB, make HDDs the perfect pick to be used for either of these purposes.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge HDDs at Paklap feature the latest NAND and SATA technologies, which assure that along with high-storage capacities, the HDDs offer exceptional performance and do not slug down one-bit during excessive workloads. Likewise, the most modern HDDs also sport other features such as flash-accelerated technologies, RAID optimisation, rotational vibration sensors, power management and other spectacular features that work towards improving the overall experience for the user.

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SDDs) are proving to be the newer face of storage devices. They are fast, power-efficient and can handle the biggest workloads imaginable. Unlike their counterparts (HDDs), SDDs are built without any rotational plates. As a result, SDDs aren’t only more silent during the processing, but are also built on the industrial standard – 2.5 inches’ form factor, that allows them to fit almost every high-end computing system, laptops and desktops alike.

These devices are manufactured using state of the art latest 3D NAND or SATA III technology, which has been acclaimed to be the best in the business. Resultantly, the computing system offers better latency rates, swifter command execution, rapid booting times and enhanced responsiveness.

Moreover, apart from exceedingly fast performance, SSDs available at Paklap offer quite a decent storage space. Starting from hundreds of GBs, the latest SSDs can mete out over 4 TB of storage capacity. Not only this but as compared to HDDs, SSDs are accredited to offer better monitoring, tighter security, efficient power consumption and better compatibility features as well.

USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives or simply put - USBs, are the modern means of carrying your important files and media with yourself, wherever you go. Need to move files from your home to the office, want to carry important assignments to the university, or simply want to share the large game files with your friends? A USB proves to be the optimal storage solution in this regard.

These handheld devices, although apparently very tiny, have enormous storage capacities that extend over hundreds of GBs. Apart from high storage capability, what really makes them unique is their Plug and Play feature, which allows them to be compatible with almost any device having a USB port.

Moreover, as the technology is improving with every passing day, the USBs` data transfer rates are gaining numbers. From a couple of MBs per minute, the latest USBs have the transfer capacity of more than hundred MBs per second.

All things considered, storage devices over the years have improved significantly. At this section, you can purchase the latest and the hottest storage solutions for all your storage needs! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing, make the purchase and relish the enormous storage space from the storage devices, that too in the most reasonable prices.

Happy Paklapping!