Arctic Hunter Waterproof Cross Body Bags (XB00041)

Arctic Hunter Waterproof Cross Body Bags (XB00041)


Cross body bags are easy and comfortable to carry while being immensely fashionable. The Arctic Hunter Cross body bags are the personification of style goals.


The messenger back is made of polyester fabric that provides it strength making it a durable accessory. The cross body bag has multiple pockets for giving you increased efficiency and ease of use.


The multiple compartments can store a wide range of accessories including your tablets, mini laptops, wallets, important documents and other items. The bag’s neutral tones, makes it versatile, pair it with your office wear, or take it with you on casual gatherings, it suitable for all sorts of occasions. 


The geometrical design of the bag is ergonomic in nature. It fits perfectly around your body, and the compact size does not cause bulging of any sorts.


The modern looking bag is water proof, protecting all your precious belongings from any misfortune spills and splashes. It is especially useful for taking in crowded areas where pocket thieves might be prevalent.


The eyelet on the strap serves dual purposes. On the one hand the metal hole adds a bit of style to the bag, while on the other hand it lets you keep your ear phones in place.


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