Anker SoundCore Nano Pocket Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (A3104h41)

Anker SoundCore Nano Pocket Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (A3104h41)


Possibly the smallest speakers by Anker, the powerful Nano Pocket speaker is made of metal with a rubber bottom to keep it in one place.


The front has the typical speaker holes with the monotone Anker logo placed at the bottom. At the top of the speaker, there is a micro USB port, and a little LED light.


Anker also gives you a small hole on the left for a wrist loop. Over all the speaker design is modern, with curved edges and compact size, measuring 2 x 2 x 1 in (WHD). 


The tiny speaker has a huge range of 30 feet. The SounCore Nano Speaker has one button, but it allows for maximum functions.


The single button can be used to switch on and switch off the speaker and automatically take it to airing mode. After you have paired your device with the speaker, the same button lets you define your playback and control it.


With a single press you can play or pause the music. Two taps on the buttons will skip ahead to the next track. Similarly, if you are enjoying your favourite music and receive a call, the power button can be used to either accept or reject that call.


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