Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover (Colors Available)

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Signature Type Cover

If you have a Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) then you surely need its Signature Type Cover as well!

With the velvety Alcantara material, the Surface Signature Type cover provides a highly comfortable experience for the user to type.

It's available in three different color options, you can choose them below.

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Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) Signature Type Cover is now available in Pakistan!

Microsoft recently launched the latest system of its Surface Pro series, the successor of Microsoft Pro 4 is simply named ‘Surface Pro’ without any additional numeric label.

Surface Pro is a hybrid system, meaning it can be used as either a tablet or a laptop. Microsoft is offering this in a number of different configurations, having differences of processors (you will have an option of M3, Core i5 or the biggest of them all a Core i7 one), there is also a difference of RAM and Storage.

Microsoft is using a detachable keypad to convert the tablet into a standard laptop. This keypad or “Type Cover” as it is officially called, gets attached to the tablet via a chain of magnets and is available as an optional accessory, meaning it doesn’t come in the box when you buy the Surface Pro (unless you order it with the tablet), this type cover and the stylus is being sold as accessories. To fully enjoy the features of the latest Surface Pro and to use it as a laptop you must buy the signature type cover, you will not be disappointed with it.

Here is an overview of what Microsoft has in store for you with their Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro 2017:

Faster and Secure Connection

The Type Cover is attached with the tablet by a chain of powerful magnets and through a physical port. Since the main connection is via magnets you might think that it would be weak and the keypad might get detached, but that’s not the case, Microsoft has used special type of powerful magnets that won’t let your Type Cover break the connection no matter what, this is what makes the connection ‘secure’.

The Physical connection ensures that you get a seamless typing experience without any lag of any kind, so you won’t have to worry about typing getting delayed just because the keypad is not attached in a traditional way, because the physical connection makes it super responsive you will get a smooth experience while typing as well as while using the trackpad.

Luxury Alcantara Material

Most keyboards are either made with plastic or aluminum or other such hard material, this makes typing on such keypads; especially for extended periods of time, very difficult and uncomfortable. This is not the case with the new Type Cover for the latest Surface Pro, the Type Cover is entirely covered with a material called “Alcantara” material, it, according to Microsoft, is a luxury material which they imported from Italy just to give a comfortable Keypad surface.

While using the Type Cover you will feel like you’re typing on a smooth velvety surface, with comfort and softness - that you might have never felt in your life, the Type Cover makes this possible by having the Palm rest covered with Alcantara. The Keys are perfectly spaced and have that alive kick in them when you press them.

Move it Anyway you like

The new Surface Pro’s Type Cover lets you move it in multiple ways, you can use it as a traditional keyboard, you can also adjust its height which will make your experience all the more comfortable. You fold it back and instantly turn your laptop into tablet mode, you can also fold it on the front which will not only protect your screen but will also give your Surface Pro a noticeable touch of elegance because of the premium quality Alcantara material.

A Sleek Design

The type cover is created with a sleek and slim design, so you don’t feel like you’re attaching some kind of load if you’re going to use your Surface Pro as a tablet, most of the time. The thin design also makes it possible for the Type Cover to seamlessly get folded to back or front, the exact dimensions are 295 x 217 x 5 mm, it also just weights 0.68 lb.

A Range Of Colors

With traditional Keypads you don’t have the option of choosing your favorite color, apart from other restrictions, with the Signature keyboard for Surface Pro you get to choose your favorite color, Microsoft is offering it in a number of different colors for example- Platinum, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy. So you can choose the color you love, Alcantara material is used in all of the colors so you can choose for yourself which colored luxury you want to feel.

Although, Microsoft is selling this an optional accessory, if you want to get some serious work done on your Surface Pro (and with its powerful hardware, chances are you do) or use it as a proper laptop then you will have to buy the Signature Type Cover, once you get it you will be happy that you did.

You can get it at a guaranteed best price in Pakistan, only on Paklap. We also provide free and fast nationwide shipping so click the buy button now and turn your tablet into a laptop.

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