HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13 AE012DX With HP Active PEN - 8th Gen Ci7 QuadCore 16GB 512GB SSD W10 B&O Speakers 13.3" Full HD Infinity Touchscreen B&O Speakers (Silver, Sleeve Included)

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HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13 AE012DX

HP Spectre 13T (8th Generation) has the highest built quality with tremendous features.

This latest Spectre 13 features Intel Core i7 (8th Generation) Processor with 16GB RAM & 512GB SSD. With a battery back up of up to 16 hours, the stylish Black & Gold Design and its (13.3") x360 Convertible FHD Display makes it a worthful purchase.

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HP Spectre 13T (8th Generation) x360 Convertible 2 in 1 Laptop is now available in Pakistan


With a global standing in manufacturing laptops, HP has once again demonstrated their competence with an exciting new product that they have launched for the public’s indulgence. This is the new HP Spectre 13 x360 (8th Generation) laptop. Read on to know more about its exciting features.

To kick off this description, let’s begin with the Spectre 13’s design. Sleek, elegant and lightweight (weighing about 1.4 kg), it has a nice keyboard supplemented by a trackpad that overlooks a bright, yet not too flashy FHD display.

HP Spectre 13 houses a brilliant 8th Generation Core i7 Processor that is not only a useful component when it comes to facilitating multitasking, but it also saves energy (and consequently does wonders for saving up on your electricity bill). The processor’s low operation power means that the laptop will not easily heat up or lag.

There is plenty of internal space for you to work with because this Spectre 13 (8th Generation) comes with 512 GB SSD. This is a decent amount of space for storing pictures, movies and other forms of media that you would need to access. Additionally, as there is a decent amount of space, you can back up the data a considerable number of times just in case you want it to not get stolen.

Resting right before the user is the 13.3 inch, FHD x360 Convertible Touch display of HP Spectre 13 (8th Generation). This is a really innovative approach as the previous models to this one housed 15 inches worth of screen size. However, they had lower pixels. The enhanced resolution, as well as the improved interface, makes the HP Spectre 13 (8th Generation) a wonderful composition of innovation and jubilation.

The one noticeable drawback is the use of a standard Intel HD Graphics card. While it is by no means a slouch, one could certainly have hoped for an improvement in this avenue granting that HP has always catered to the needs of gamers, which constitute a fair percentage of their customers. As such, gamers will not find this model to be much superior to its predecessors in terms of the rendering and behavior of game characters. However, the display will be of some consolation in this regard, though the extent of this consolation can only be judged via physical use. All in all, this is one masterpiece by HP.

A nice little addition to this laptop’s arsenal is the inclusion of an HP Active Pen. This will complement the FHD, 13.3-inch Infinity Touchscreen of the laptop. It will also allow the user to engage in much more personal suited tasks that one would not expect to carry out using a laptop, such as drawing a picture by hand on the screen. Additionally, the enhanced interface of the screen and the overall outlook of the Spectre (8th Generation) laptop also nicely go hand in hand with the stylish Active Pen. The Pen itself can be easily stored in a compartment located on the sides of the laptop, so there is no reason for you to feel that you might lose it.

The flexibility of the device match up to items like the Lenovo Yoga series, and the new Dell XPS x360. The laptop’s hinge has a good rotating or flipping range and while the Windows system of the laptop does tend to get stuck or slightly lag when it is in its “tent mode” (when the screen has been turned such that there is an acute angle between it and the base of the computer), it is still in proper working condition and pops up as just a minor hiccup for the user.

The battery life of this model is another top-rated feature of HP Spectre 13. The enhanced interface, screen resolution and processing abilities of the laptop resulted in a slight decrease in the amount of time for which it can be used. The drop, however, is not so steep as HP Spectre laptops have a typical rating of 16 hours’ worth of continuous use, and this laptop can last for about 12 hours. This is mainly due to the processor which is energy efficient and consumes less power. However, a laptop with such high-end specs working for 12 hours straight is worth it.

To conclude, it can be seen that HP has truly gone out of their way to make this laptop fun and interesting for their customers and they have managed to succeed on many counts. The only areas wherein they falter are that of graphics of the laptop. But the positives certainly outweigh the negatives such that there is an overall sense of customer satisfaction.

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