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Are you one of those people who prefers building their own PCs? Then you might know what a difficult process it is. Not only do you have to connect and put together a combination of components, but you also have to choose the best and most efficient components. Even when buying a PC you need to ensure that the components inside it are reliable. One of the most important component in a PC is the CPU or the processor for the many tasks that it needs to perform. Referred to as the brain of the computer it forms an integral part of the computer. Although there are countless manufacturers out there that develop processors around the world, the two that truly stand out are Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). While Intel is known for its outstanding products, the fact of the matter is that AMD also has a lot to offer, that too at the lowest possible prices.

AMD’s processors are strong, fast, enable HD video streaming and are the best for high power games. They are ideal for all kinds of PCs be it for consumer or business needs. They deliver performances needed by the modern world; their models are updated in accordance to the user’s needs and meet the budget needs of the users. They have been fulfilling the IT needs of businesses sine their beginning and will continue to do so. For computers to use at home, AMD‘s processors provide a smooth and gaming experience and allow users to stream seamless HD videos. Video quality and colors are boosted up by the use of these processors.


Compared to Intel, AMD’s processors are far more affordable. AMD will give you the best features, the best speed and the greatest computing experience at almost half the price of Intel. Some of the least expensive AMD processors like AMD Sempron, Athlon and A-series Dual core processors are available at $30 only. Moreover, an A65400K with four cores is available for just $45. This goes on to show that the processors are extremely cost-effective and within that particular price range, it will not be a problem whatsoever for anyone to purchase these.


AMD is popular for having a large number of cores in a chip which makes it faster than other processors. You can enjoy online gaming and Internet browsing at a faster rate than ever before. It also supports consistent overclocking so you can twerk your CPU speed to get better and improved performance. This feature is also available in AMD very cheaply. For high –end gaming, AMD provides many APUS-chips that combine both the processor and Radeon graphics. This will enable you to play high quality games that require a significant amount of power.

Why should you buy AMD?

There are countless reasons as to why you should consider buying AMD. At any given price point, it has been noted that AMD chips continue to offer enhanced integrated graphics. For instance, the AMD A10-7870K has the potential to let users play games at low to medium details at a 1080p resolution. Yes, we realize it isn’t really a gaming powerhouse, but the fact of the matter is that it goes above and beyond any performance offered by any given Intel HD Graphics solution. So if you are looking to play games without having to break the bank, then an AMD processor is your best pick.

Next, a majority of CPUs available these days come with a fixed clock speed. In most cases, these have particularly been set to a level that goes on to ensure that they will remain stable while performing at optimum levels. When users are interested in getting the most out of their CPUs, they basically tweak it so that it starts ‘overclocking’, which basically means that the CPU’s clock speed is taken above the base rate. What makes AMD stand out here is that it supports overclocking in a far more consistent manner than Intel or any other processor out there. Believe it or not, but the AMD A-Series APUs offer this particular feature for a mere $45. The best part is that there are various AMD chips that come with an unlocked multiplier for less than $100. On the other hand, we have Intel that offers a single budget overclocking options at $70 (the Pentium G3258). While Intel doesn’t offers overclocking in any of its mid-range chips, AMD definitely proves its worth in this regard.

When it comes to gaming, picking a CPU is never easy. What makes AMD stand out in this regard is the fact that it offers a number of processors that are sold under the APU tag. What this means is that these go on to combine the processor with Radeon graphics on the same chip. This particularly adds value when it comes to low-end gaming. Although Intel continues to offer on-die integrated graphics, there is simply no comparison in terms of performance against AMD’s Radeon.

On the whole, if you are interested in building a desktop PC on your own, then you are sure to come to the point where you will have to decide between AMD and Intel and many other manufacturers out there. Just visit any well-known online retailer out there and you are going to have to choose between more than 600 CPUs. AMD is actually the best choice when it comes to users who are driven by budget considering that the manufacturer has a strong command of the lower price points. However, opting for AMD in no way means that you will not be able to experience high-end computing. Believe it or not, but the top end Athlon processors that are made available by the company is known to have given a really tough challenge to Intel’s flagship Core i7 CPUs. For the countless amazing features that AMD processors have to offer, these are definitely the best choice for those on a low budget.