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FITBIT in Pakistan

Have a knack for being fit? Want to get in shape? Need an exercise companion? Want a 24/7 health check? Tired of the plain old regular smartwatches? Then we have got just the right product for you! This newest section of our online store is dedicated to Fitbit Watches, which are simply the best Smartwatches when it comes to providing countless services.

The headliner for these watches is their style. There isn`t a single watch in the Fitbit collection that seems orthodox or peculiar. Made for both men and women, these watches come in shapes and sizes that cater both the genders.

Fitbit Watches as the name suggests focuses on keeping the wearer fit. However, that is not the only function that these watches perform. Apart from numerous exercise-related content, these watches allow the users to

* Have a continuous check on their heartbeat/pulse rate.

* Track their workouts by counting the steps taken, floors climbed, etc.

* Check the active and inactive minutes.

* Pre and post workout summaries.

* Utilize the SmartTrack feature that automatically detects when you exercise and record it in the Fitbit application.

* Sync them with their Smartphones to check on their calls, text messages and even control the playlist of their phones by using the touch feature.

* Connect with the Phone`s GPS to track the routes and see stats regarding their voyage.

* Use the FitStar feature that can be used when working out when in need of a coach.

* Choose from a variety of exercising options such as running, cardio, and biking to see the performance in the form of stats on the screen.

* Change the outlook of their watch by choosing from a built-in watch faces.

* Change the accessories such as bands and frames as per the users` requirement and many other breathtaking features that make the watch worth spending on. Since knows what the customers need, all the exemplary watches by Fitbit are now available at our online store.

Fitbit Charge:

This spectacular piece of equipment is not only made to fit every wrist, but also come in a variety of fascinating colors. These watches consist of an OLED display, let the users` check their calls, consist of auto sleep and alarm feature and also tracks everyday activity that the users` perform.

Fitbit Alta:

Not only this watch helps in making the user fit but also fits onto every wrist exquisitely. This watch allows the wearer to check his/her texts, calls, all day activity, gives reminders to move, auto sleeps when unused and offers many other stunning features.

Fitbit Charge HR:

Allows the user to check the heart rate, daily activity and caller ID. Furthermore, has splendid features for aiding in workouts and maintaining an overall balanced life.

Fitbit Blaze:

The best smart watch that Fitbit has to offer, Fitbit Blaze! It comprises of the most features and applications, as compared to its other counterparts. Along with smart notifications, workouts and other health related features, this smart watch comes in a superb and a stylish outlook.