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General Note: purchase Dell XPS from different suppliers and vendors around the world. Dell XPS comes in New and open box both kindly get the service tag from customer service before buying to verify the purchase and history of the laptop.

Dell reintroduced their XPS line in 2010. In fact, Dell rebuilt the mixture of old and new specs with all the latest upgrades. The reason behind the reintroduction was the fame of the XPS desktop series, and it was an intelligent decision to launch the Dell XPS laptops. In 2010, Dell introduced three laptops of XPS series tucked up with so many new features such as JBL speakers and integrated graphic card. The XPS series is also known for being the 1rst series that was certified by Skype for the video chat purpose. Dell kept introducing the latest model of XPS series to keep forth from the rivals and as a result, Dell has become one of the most credible and renowned brands for Ultrabook and laptops. It’s a well-known fact that most of the people look for a portable machine which is light in weight and fast in processing. The 5th and 6th generation of XPS series are performance packed devices which manage to offer a big screen, a durable battery, and a lightning-fast processor.

The latest models of Dell XPS laptops are considered to be the most terrific Ultrabook and laptops in the market. The 5th generation XPS 13 9343 is among the fastest machines which come with the new Intel Broadwell technology and a sensational 3200 x 1800 touch screen display. Among the many improvements made, the most significant is the improvement of battery time, and the company claims that it will last for almost 15 hours which is more than any other laptop of the same series. The sleek design and a composed finishing will enforce you to think that even Dell wouldn’t be able to replicate it again. Dell’s InfinityEdge screen tech is another pleasing feature which helps in reducing the size of the screen to millimeters making it the slimmest 13’ laptop. Dell has also loaded the XPS 13 with an appropriate number of ports which consist of two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, headphone socket and Dell Thunderbolt connector. The inclusion of Thunderbolt is a great initiative as in future it would be one of the most used ports for transferring the data. Furthermore, Dell 13’ is equipped with 128GB SATA, 256GB PCIe, 512GB PCIe and 1TB PCIe SSD options as well. The engineers have also brought up a unique idea for keyboard and touchpad that adds to the ease and comfort of the users.

Moving on to the 6th generation XPS 15, it’s even ten times better to what Dell initially offered with their 5th generation XPS 13’. To begin with, one most sensible thing Dell has done to its XPS 15’ is the introduction of Intel Skylake Processors and up to 1TB of storage. XPS has surprised the customers with its fascinating design and build. The Super thin Bezel is something that not many laptop makers would offer, but it is certainly one of the things that every laptop user would love to have. The touchscreen as an Ultrasharp 4k display with 3840 X 2160 pixel count. The keyboard is excellent and allows the users to type rapidly without creating any trouble. The well spread layout and an excellent design further add value to the laptop. The operating system for the latest XPS series is Windows 10, and the core processor of 6th generation is based on an intelligent Skylake

architecture. The processor is sharp enough to handle the running applications on Windows 10, and the performance suggests that there isn’t any problem regarding the lag or slow speed. The core purpose behind the introduction of XPS 15’ was to compete with the MacBook, and the reports suggest that Dell has somewhat hit the mark. There’s no doubt that MacBook has its class, but when you compare the XPS with it, you will find a surreal relevance and similarity and that too at a comparatively low price.

Conclusively, with the reintroduction of Dell XPS laptops, Dell has achieved what they aimed for. When they announced the relaunch of the series, many experts and critics thought that they won’t be able to lure a large number of customers. But the experts at the Dell were aware of the demand and their engineers didn’t let them down and as a result, Dell XPS laptops have become the most selling laptop series in the world. The brand knew that where their strength lies and hence they were successful in attracting a large number of customers who wants a compact machine in a very affordable budget.

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