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Microsoft Surface Book in Pakistan

Do you want to detach your laptop screen and use it as a tablet?

Microsoft Surface Book is the one providing ultimate versatility and exceptional performance with Microsoft Advanced Technology. If you want top-end specifications within a neat portable design, then Order your Microsoft surface book now on Buy Microsoft Surface Book in Pakistan. at the best prices.

Highly Adaptable

Microsoft Surface Book, made from a gray magnesium alloy, provides three different configurations, adapting to the user's work requirements and needs. Whether the user needs it as a high computing workstation with an illuminated keyboard with Trackpad for fast typing or the requirement is a handy and compact clipboard that works accurately with OneNote and Surface Pen; Microsoft Surface books offer it all! Additionally, the third feature of the Surface book allows to use it as a creative canvas by turning the screen around and reattaching it, giving the user a great experience.


Computationally Powerful, with Enhanced Creativity

Microsoft Surface Book is not only physically attractive but also computationally wise. Microsoft Surface Book has 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with up to 16GB of memory. An additional discrete graphics chip is housed by a keyboard which increases the Graphic horsepower for intensive creative tasks. The GPU gets activated when the tablet section is docked in the keyboard.

Creativity to use the desktop software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can be enhanced by the multi-touch Pixel Sense screen and the Surface Book Stylus Pen.


Features and Applications

Surface Book runs Windows and works well with the Office products suite. The user can share notes easily in the Microsoft Edge browser and can write on the webpage with Surface Pen. This scrupulously crafted Book provides innovation in security by Windows Hello, which is a sign-in mechanism allowing the user to log in without passwords by recognizing your face. Surface Book comes with a Surface Pen that attaches itself to the left of the book and provides assistance in different tasks and doodling features. N-Trig stylus technology of the Pen can recognize 1,024 pressure levels. There are two buttons on the Surface Pen, One on the side works as a modifier key for tap or drawing actions, and the top button is like an eraser and is used to launch some programs too.

The Palm Block technology in the screen enables the user to write as fluid and precise on the screen as if they are writing on a pad of paper. With a One-click of the Surface Pen, you can open the quick notes and by holding the top of the Surface Pen, Cortana can be activated. Cortana is the personal digital assistant; that helps you in the organization and location-based reminders.

Surface Book is protected by enterprise-level encryption and built with a Trusted Platform Module chip for security. New Enterprise Data protection tools can also be used like BitLocker, Trusted Boot, and Windows Defender for malware protection and data privacy.


Surface Book's lit up the keyboard, the same gray/silver finish as the rest of the device, provides improved typing experience due to an effective spacing between keys and assisted by an intelligent hinge. The hinge makes the convertible more lap-friendly as it even adjusts the Surface Book’s weight balance so that, it does not become heavy, irrespective of the screen’s angle. The keyboard holds a larger battery, an SD card slot, two USB 3.0 ports, a mini DisplayPort, a magnetic charging socket, and an additional graphics card.
The trackpad is improved and convenient with a large area and being more responsive, accurate, and reassuring clicks.


Surface Book provides remarkable, non-reflective, and great angle viewing display. The 3,000 x 2,000 resolution and 267ppi pixel density make the display of the icons and text finer. Brightness levels and angles are brilliant, and the screen is well calibrated and provides a highly accurate color display. The touch of the screen is friction-free, and the glass top improves the user's experience with the Surface Book. The brightness is adjustable according to the user's requirement to high or low, allowing the user to enjoy the product to its fullest.


The Surface Book has an 8-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front camera. The front camera along with a sensor, which can read spatial information, aids in the Hello feature of the Book allowing users to sign in without the need to input passwords. Microsoft Surface Book's cameras are built with autofocus and 1080p High Definition video recording feature and provide the user with good image quality with great color balance and contrast and suitable sharpness.


The keyboard and tablet have separate batteries with different battery lives. When using a laptop, the Surface book provides long-lasting battery time up to 12 hours.

The surface book handles the most demanding tasks without the fear of the battery running out.

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