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Laptop Batteries in Pakistan

The battery of your Laptop/Notebooks or Tablet/PC can significantly impact your work. The batteries allow us to be mobile but they can still pose a great obstruction when they drain out and you have to plug your laptop to recharge it and hence are restricted to one place till it charges. Further, all laptop batteries can handle a certain number of charge cycles usually ranging between 450 to 500 complete cycles- 100 percent recharge. With each charge, the life and performance of the battery gradually diminishes, eventually making the laptop a “plug-in and use” device. You cannot keep the battery life as good as new, but you can prolong it by taking certain precautionary measures. There are laptops that come with the Eco mode that adjusts the power usage automatically such as dimming the brightness of your screen for the sake of saving energy, though you can reduce the brightness manually as well. You can also reduce power consumption by turning off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, shutting of keyboard backlighting and also limiting the number of components that are draining your laptop’s power. Buy Laptop Batteries in Pakistan

Another thing to consider is the hibernation mode. Usually, we aim for hibernation mode when the battery is fully discharged and the computer has no other choice but to go into hibernation. However, it would be better suited for the battery to enter into hibernation mode erstwhile it is fully drained. Hibernation uses zero power and you do not lose any of your important work either. Once the battery is fully recharged you can just turn on your laptop and start from where you left off. But do not make a habit of using hibernation mode. Constantly hibernating your laptop can affect both its processing speed and battery.

There is another way to save power. Usually, there are apps running in the background without you knowing. These applications can slowly eat away your battery life. Through Task Manager, in Windows OS, you can find out about those applications and processes that are running without your knowledge. For Mac Operating systems you just need to click on the battery icon in the taskbar and go to the Activity Monitor which would provide you with the needed information. The software in your computer also plays a pivotal role in improving its battery life. Updating certain Software can significantly enhance your battery life. There is another important element to keep in mind for the sake of your laptop’s battery life. Avoid at all costs using your laptop when it is recharging. This is hands down the most common way of harming one’s laptop’s battery life.

Currently, laptops come with lithium-ion batteries. Prior to these, laptops came with nickel metal hydride batteries that had to be fully discharged and fully recharged before using. Lithium-ion batteries do not have such a problem and can be recharged without fully draining the battery out. To make the best use of the lithium-ion battery is to not go down below 20 percent. When the battery reaches at 20 percent try to recharge it and then use it. This will have a positive effect on your battery for sure.

There is another factor that you need to consider especially if you hail from a hot climate. In a country like Pakistan, where temperatures can go to 50 degrees Celsius, and where power outages are rampant, the battery needs extra care. You need to keep in check the temperature of the battery particularly when you are charging it. Do not forget to give your laptop breaks between recharge and usage. Avoid placing the battery under sunlight or in hot rooms. Even during winters try to avoid using the laptop near a heater in order to protect the battery life. Also, make sure that your battery is clean. Dust particles can form a layer over your battery providing an extra coating. This extra coating can act as an insulator and thus heat your laptop quicker than usual.

Also, keep in mind, if you are planning to go on a long trip and leave your laptop behind make sure that there is at least fifty percent charge remaining on the laptop. A depleted battery can die out if not charged soon enough.

These tips can only prolong the life of your battery. They cannot make it infinite. Every kind of battery eventually dies out sooner or later, but with a few safeguards, you can enjoy the battery for the longest possible time. Laptop Batteries Prices in Pakistan at