Benq Ultra Curved Gaming LED Monitor (XR3501) (35")

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Benq 35" Ultra Curved Gaming LED Monitor (XR3501)
  • 2000R Ultra Curve
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 21:9 Ultra wide & High Resolution
  • 20-Level Color Vibrance
  • Black eQualizer
  • Flicker-free
More Information
Brand Benq
Screen Size 35"
ScreenType Full HD Curved Screen
Brightness 300 cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio 2500:1 static
D-Sub -
Color Black
Warranty 1 Years brand Warranty
Condition New

Benq XR3501 35" WQHD Curved Ultra Wide Gaming LED Monitor (3 Year Official Warranty)

BenQ XR3501
RevolutionEyes Gaming Comfort

BenQ is at the forefront of monitor technology. Focusing on ultra-users, BenQ designs to accommodate the unique needs of customers.

With monitors purpose-built for critical functions for gamers, graphic designers, photographers, artists, creative and business professionals, BenQ balances aesthetic appeal with peak performance and comfort.

BenQ XR3501

Attention Racing Gamers

The all new, best-in-class BenQ XR3501 lets you immerse yourself in your favorite racing game, with a large 35-inch panoramic display, a pronounced 2000R curvature to envelop you and keep you in the game with its super-wide field of view, 2560x1080 resolution, Black eQualizer for total visibility, and the highest refresh rate available today. Watch as the checkered flag twirls and waves announcing your victory, empowering you to feel the thrill of the curve.

2000R Ultra-Curved + 144Hz Refresh Rate

All-Covered Field Of Vision

Get a Commanding View of the Track

2000R Ultra-Curved + 144Hz Refresh Rate

Designed to provide a more immersive racing experience, the XR3501 straps gamers in their seats with its 2000R curvature and 144Hz refresh rate. Making the XR3501 the ultimate high-performance 35-inch curved gaming monitor to empower you and help you feel the thrill of the curve.

All-Covered Field Of Vision

The smooth, curved shape of the XR3501 display is designed to completely fill your field of vision. Action on the screen fills your periphery, eliminating any distractions and creating real-world gaming experience.

Get a Commanding View of the Track

The 35-inch XR3501 delivers a stunning 21:9 aspect ratio curved panoramic image with a crisp 2560x1080 resolution, so you can see every last detail. Experience everything that is coming up on the track, from the decals on your opponents' cars to the leaves on the trees and grass on the roadside as you speed by.

Smooth Operator

20-Level Color Vibrance

3 Exclusive Game Modes--Top Gamers' Secret Weapons

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