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The battle of the brands is always on especially when it is for household appliances. The brand that gives its customers better performance, design and durability always tends to win.

Same is the case when it comes to the LED market, where there is Orient that makes the most of customers due to the significantly lower price and unbelievably superb performance.

Orient LEDs are built with promise that they are going to last. When it comes to the display result, these LEDs use superior backlight technology and high definition to make the picture look evenly beautiful for every seat in the room.

Moreover, the LEDs are designed in such a way that they look amazing even when they are off. The orthodox large frames have now been condensed leaving more area for the picture and making the LED look marvelous at the same time. 

Orient now also manufactures Smart LED TVs. These hottest LEDs allow the user to choose from hundreds of dramas, shows and movies in high definition.  The 3d LEDs that orient manufactures have the Urdu support feature that allows the user to easily understand and grasp all the functions of the LED quickly.

When it comes to price and performance, there are only a few that can be compared with Orient LEDs. Apart from the super low cost, all the Orient LEDs come with energy saving feature that require less consumption of electricity as compared to the LEDs of other brands.

Make your decision today and shift to Orient LED to get the best HD result possible.