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Playing in the big leagues isn`t a piece of cake when there are breathtaking competitors in a market. However, there are always a few protégés that not only manage to stand tall against all big names but also overcome the market dynamics.

AKIRA is one of those protégés that has not only troubled the big names such as Samsung, Sony, Toshiba but also have succeeded in gaining a huge market share and a decent reputation in the LED local market.

Akira`s main aim is to provide its customers the best return for their money. All the LED that are manufactured by Akira have a simple motive. To give a better result as compared to the competitors and that also in a low and a reasonable price hence comparable designs and decent picture qualities are inevitable.

To entertain the sparkling HD needs of their customers, Akira has now started to manufacture DLEDs and ELEDs. Both the LEDs are built with the latest and the most durable components to make sure that customers get what they have actually paid for. Apart from giving sensational display and immersing sound, these LEDs are also compatible with USB drives that enable the users to plug in their USBs and watch the media stored on their USB drive. is one of those online stores whose arsenal is filled with a remarkable collection of Akira LEDs. So go forth and take a look at our online collection, we are sure that you will find just the perfect LED for your TV lounge.

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