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Tips & Suggestions

Tips & Suggestions

 Following is a helpful list of tips that will surely  add life to your laptops life as well as help you save some money also!


  • Make sure that you always use a surge protector. An electrical surge may not affect your laptop the first time it happens, but over time it will destroy it!


Never leave your laptop on the floor, as they might fell a prey to your pets, small children and big feet.


  •  Cold environment is harmful for your laptop. Once it gets cold, then you bring it into a warm environment, this will effect on the circuitry and cause the laptop to short itself out.


  • Never keep your paperwork between the screen and keypad. Paper is very sharp and will eventually cut into your screen.


  • Avoid placing your laptop on soft surfaces. This will block the air vents and overheat your system.


Always  purchase a good quality carrying case for your laptop's protection. Also, make sure that the case has plenty of additional storage compartments to avoid scratching your laptop.


Keep away your drinking liquids when working with your laptop. Be very careful, spilling liquid into your laptop will mean almost certain replacement. That's a costly cup of coffee!


  • Use a laptop only if you have sufficient knowledge/ qualified professionalism. Laptops are much different from desktop computers. They have very small parts that are stuffed into tight areas.

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