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Wacom Tablets in Pakistan

Our latest addition to the store is simply a treat for all the artists, graphic designers and sketchers in town. Need to imprint your creative idea onto a canvas? Want to draw an ingenious figurine? Want the best possible accessories to make your dream turn into reality? Then Wacom Tablets are just what you are looking for.

These state of the art tablets are not what you normally get in the market. All the tablets that Wacom manufactures are built with highly sustainable, sleek and sensitive drawing surface that enables you to portray your idea as it is. Ranging from extraordinary built-in specs to normal day to day drawing tablets, Wacom produces a variety of tablets for its customers, each of which comes with a guarantee of satisfying its user`s needs.

The tablets come with highly adaptive pens that at the first grip set into the hands of the users. These pens give users the feel and precision of drawing with real pens and brushes. The opacity and the depth of the stroke depend upon the power by which the user presses the pen against the surface of the tablet. In a nutshell, Wacom tablets allow the users` to set their minds free onto the surface of the tablet, just as they would do so with a pen and a paper, without holding anything back. Since www.paklap.pk cares for its customers, all the textbook drawing tablets by Wacom are now a part of our arsenal.


CINTIQ Tablets offer users a wide range of choices. Most of these tablets come in with colossal built-in specifications, ranging from humungous screen sizes to remarkable display capabilities and whatnots. However, CINTIQ tablets also cater for the needs of the beginners. The artists who are starting their career or have a low budget constraint, CINTIQ Tablets by Wacom are what we are going to advise you to purchase.


Intuos Tablets by Wacom are made for the connoisseurs. These tablets cater to the needs of the customers who have a specific taste or specialize in their work. Intuos Art for the one who seeks to create something imaginative, Intuos Draw for the one who seeks to craft an idea into an image, Intuos Photo for the one who seeks to remember his/her memories and Intuos Comic for the one who seeks to create comics.

Intuos Pro:

These are the most advanced and the hottest tablets that Wacom has to offer to its customers. These tablets come with a bigger surface area, thus bigger drawing space. The surface of these tablets is equipped with multi-touch capabilities that allow the users to work with even better ease than working on a paper or any other media. Moreover, these tablets consist of customizable ExpressKeys and Touch

A ring that allows the users to efficiently work on several things at once. Small in its size, massive when it comes to services, Intuos Pro is definitely the drawing tablet to buy if you are looking for something divine.

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