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Digital Quran in Pakistan

Dar Ul Qalam Pen Quran

The Dar ul Qalam Pen Quran comes with inbuilt speakers and headphones. It claims
to be highly suitable for kids in order for them to learn the recitation with extreme
articulateness. It can start recitation from whichever verse you point the device at,
regardless of the surah, ayat, word or page number. The pen is so designed to easily fit in
your hands without feeling heavy or any stress. It comes with complete Holy Quran with 19
voices of recitations. It also includes the Tafseer of the Quran. The speakers are noise free.
The lithium-ion battery is easily rechargeable. The digital pen is available in 25 languages,
that is, 25 translations, including Urdu, Pashto, English, and Turkish among others. The
Reciters include Ali Abdul Rahman Al Huzaifi, Abdul Basit ' Abd us-Samad, Mishary bin Rashid
Al-Afasy, Ahmad Al Ajamy, Salaah Al Budair, Mohammed Al-Alim Al-Dokhail, Al-Ghamdi,

Mahmoud Al-Hussary, Abdullah Awad Al-Juhani, Mohamed Siddiq Al-Minshawi, Maher Bin
Hamad Al-Mueaqly, Abu Bakr Al-Shatri, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Mohammed Ayoub,
Barqatullah Saleem, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar, Ibrahim Ahmed Mir Mohammadi, Salah
Bukhatir and Waheed Zafar Qasmi. It is available in 8GB, 12GB, and 16GB. It comes with an
instruction manual, power adapter, USB cable, and headphones.
IQRA Digital Pen Quran with Books
The IQRA Digital Pen Quran with Books comes with almost everything. It contains
verbal guides for Hajj and Umrah in three languages: Urdu, Arabic, and English. It also has a
Travel Card- the pocket version of the Holy Quran to be used as an alternative to the full-sized
Quran. It allows you to listen to recitation, Tafseer or translation with ease anywhere. It also
contains Rukiyaht us Shariya, and Riaz us Sawaleheen the books of Hadeeth in the Urdu
language. The package also has Qisas Ul Ambiya in Urdu language, so that you could listen
to the anecdotes of our prophets such as Hazrat Ibrahim, Adam, Ismail and 23 others. The
Quran Pen comprises 25 different recitations, with translations in 20 different languages.
It has the Tafseer of Maulana Modoodi, Dr. Israr Ahmad, Dr. Nighat Hashmir and Dr. Farhat
Hashmi. This Quran Pen is suitable for toddlers, beginners, and grown-ups who just want to
polish their religion. It also contains complete Hisnul Muslim and Saheeh Bukhari’s book.

Dar us Salam
The Digital Pen Quran sold by Dar us Salaam comes with HD sound quality, a battery
with long battery life with fast recharge technology. The package comes with a data cable,
charger, 16 GB SD Micro Card and headphones allowing you to listen to the Quran with
tranquillity even at public places. Dar us Salaam claims that the pen sensor is extremely
efficient and has a precise sensor. The Digital Pen serves multiple purposes. It can also be
connected to your computer via the data cable and can also be used as a USB, it can store
your audios for you and hence can be used as an mp3 player. The Digital Quran pen is
perfect for beginners as it allows you to improve your Arabic reading skills. It helps you to
achieve fluency and acquaints you with new words, saving you from the hassle of taking out
the dictionary and referring it to every time a difficult word appears. It would greatly help to

improve pronunciations, spellings, vocabulary, and grammar. The pen features the audios by
renowned Reciters such as Abdul Basit, Ghamdi, Al Ajmi, Al Maeqali, Al Saudais, Al Huzahifi
among many others. The Digital Pen is not area specific, rather offers translations in
multiple languages including Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, and English. It comprises a full
Quran published by Dar us Salaam in beautiful colors, audio of Sahih Bukhari in Urdu, Seerat
un Nabi, Talking dictionary which allows you to learn 12 languages, Hajj and Umrah guide in
Urdu-audio, Urdu audio of Ashra Mubashra, Urdu audio of Qasas Al Ambia, pocket-friendly
Quran, audio accounts, and anecdotes of Ummul Momineen, naats and hand. It offers
recitations of 32 famous Qarees, 13 of which are installed by default, while the remaining 19
recitations could be accessed on demand.

Digital Pen Quran

Digital Pen Quran is supposed to recite the Quranic verse you point at. In Pakistan, owing to
the rising controversies regarding Mullahs appointed by parents or mosques to teach young
boys and girls the Quran, it has become increasingly hard for parents to trust someone with
their child. Due to these apprehensions, many children are lagging behind in their religious
obligations. Also, it is hard to estimate whether the pronunciations of the appointed mullah
are correct. Being a country of non-Arabic speakers, the pronunciation of even the
grownups in Pakistan seemed to be a bit unpolished. Similarly, there is a vast group of
grown-ups who were taught by such Qarees who themselves did not have a strong hold on
Arabic or Quran. After a certain age, these grownups felt embarrassed about inquiring the
correct pronunciations or meanings behind various verses of Quran, hence remaining in the
dark and away from the true light of the teachings of Quran. The makers of the Digital Pen
Quran have tried to resolve these issues through technology. The pen acts as an electronic
Qari who recites the Quranic verse in eloquent voice. It allows for ease of recitation and
provides elasticity of time. Also, you can hear it as many times as you want at whatever time
you want. The Quran comes with a digital pen, which when pointed towards any word will
recite it out in a melodious voice. Over the years many brands have released their own
versions of the Digital Pen Quran with their own innovations. Here is a list of the few
renowned digital Qurans available around the globe.

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