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Lenovo has surpassed many big names in every technology offering domain to reach the stature that it currently holds. As Lenovo was new in the market, the road to success wasn’t carved on the basis of credibility but was paved on the basis of innovation.

Not only smartphones but every product that Lenovo has to offer is established upon the innovation of the particular series that the product belongs to. Similar to laptops, the Lenovo Phones are divided into different series. The series that we offer at www.paklap.pk are:

Lenovo PHAB:

Lenovo`s PHAB is short for phablet, which as the name suggests is a merger of phone and a tablet. The phones in the PHAB series consist of convenience of handheld smartphones and at the same time deliver powerful performance that only the tablets could offer to the users.

Lenovo PHAB Plus:

The PHAB Plus series is an augmented version of PHAB series that offers maximum portability and supreme performance.

A Series:

Lenovo`s A series is the second name of affordability. With Dual Sim functionality in every phone, A series phones offer the best in a reasonable price.

P Series:

These phones have been made for the professionals and consist of overwhelming features such as IPS display, excellent processing capability and a long battery life.

VIBE Series:

These smartphones carry the latest and the hottest processors, software and components that make them simply the best in the market.