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7th Generation Laptops in Pakistan

Last year on 1st September, Intel launched its best processor ever with the title Sky Lake. It created a hurricane in the tech market. It was thought to be the world’s fastest, smallest and most efficient processor ever made. But this year, Paklap.pk found that Intel came with another blast with its 7th generation Kaby Lake processor. On 30th August, Intel launched the world’s smartest processor ever. In the first stage of the launch, Intel launched two versions, U and Y, of Kaby Lake processor. The U and Y versions of Kaby Lake are designed for slim notebook PCs and 2-in-1 hybrids. For heavy workstations and beefier laptops, Intel will launch newer versions of Kaby Lake processors next year. Buy 7th Generation Laptop in Pakistan at Paklap.pk for affordable prices.

The Y – Series Kaby Lake Processor:
By default, the Y series Kaby Lake processor is designed to consume 4.5W of power which can be configured by the manufacturers of PCs according to design and requirement. This is going to be the first processor to feature such power that will not need a cooling unit. Y series Kaby Lake is exclusively designed for thinner laptops ever made. A dual-core i7-7Y75 was launched during the ceremony with Hyper-threading with a base clock of 1.3 GHz which can be increased up to 3.6 GHz on the demand of the manufacturer. The i7-7Y75 uses DDR3L RAM for peculiar performance.

The U – Series Kaby Lake Processor:
Structured for mainstream laptops, the U series Kaby Lake processor consumes 15W of power. During the ceremony, two dual core U – series processors were launched, 3.1GHz Core i5-7200U and 3.5GHz Core i7-7500U. Both the processors have two cores with Hyper-Threading. They support DDR4 RAM.

As the tech world is evolving, there is a dire need of enhanced visual quality of the systems. Keeping in view the current circumstances, the graphic capabilities have been pumped up as users need elevated performance for editing and streaming of ultra HD videos, Virtual Reality, heavy video games and increased productivity of the system. The latest Intel Kaby Lake processor feature Intel’s Gen 9 graphics, with dedicated hardware blocks for 10-bit 4K HEVC encode and decode as well as 8-bit VP9 encode and 8/10-bit VP9 decode.

Kaby Lake VS. Sky Lake:
While comparing the battery performance between Kaby Lake’s Core i7-7500U and Sky Lake’s Core i7-6500U. The results were remarkable as Core i7-7500U showed 2.6x improvement in battery life as that of Core i7-6500U while playing a 4K video.

Other general performance upgrades include both, the structure and the manufacturing procedure, resulting in 19 percent better performance and 18 percent in that of WebXprt benchmark for U and Y-series CPUs.

General Architecture:
LGA 1151 socket
14nm manufacturing process
200 series chipset
Exceptional L4 eDRAM Cache size of 64Mb to 128Mb on certain SKUs
Supports up to 16 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes from CPU
Thermal design power (TDP) up to 95W of Power.
Supports up to 24 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes from PCH
Support for both DDR3L SDRAM and DDR4 SDRAM

Kaby Lake is not limited to two cores only. It can support up to four cores without affecting the performance. Another worth mentioning feature of Kaby Lake is that it supports thunderbolt 3 through which you can power up to two ultra HD 4K displays simultaneously. Another benchmark achieved by Kaby Lake is the support of Intel’s Optane storage technology. SSDs are much smaller in size as compared to HDD. Although the storage capacity of SSD is quite lower than that of HDD yet on the other hand SSD is much faster than HDD. Another advancement is the support of USB 3.1. In the previous versions, you had to install a third party chipset to run USB 3.1 but with Kaby Lake 7th generation processor you can simply plug your USB 3.1 and use it conveniently.

Intel’s Kaby Lake 7th Gen processor is compatible with most of the existing x86/x64 Operating Systems. Regarding compatibility, there is a sad news for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 lovers as they won’t be able to use Kaby Lake. For that, they have to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 10. Microsoft announced in June that Kaby Lake would only be supported by Windows 10 and later versions.

Last year, Intel planned to launch Cannon Lake processor which was supposed to be fabricated on latest 10nm lithography process. But later Intel found it impossible to execute as the current technology doesn’t permit various technicalities. So, they designed Kaby Lake processor which extended the life of the 14nm process. Kaby Lake has proven to show significant improvements as compared to Sky Lake processor. It is faster, consumes very little power, consumes little space thus lowering the thickness and weight of the laptop. Intel believes that Kaby Lake processors will open gates to a whole new era of thinnest, smartest, fastest and most efficient processors ever made. Get the Dell Laptops , HP Laptops , Lenovo Laptops 7th Generation Laptop Prices at www.paklap.pk at affordable price in Pakistan.