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6th Generation

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6th Generation Laptop in Pakistan:

As time is moving forward, so is the need for the things at hand to be upgraded.

In the technological world, it is quite common for things to be replaced as the newest take their place. However, there are some advancements, even in the technological world, that last for a prolonged period because of they are ahead of their time. Such as the 6th generation of laptops. Get 6th Generation Laptop Prices in Pakistan at www.paklap.pk.

This generation of laptops is commonly known as “Sky Lake”. It surpasses any of the Laptops that have been built in the past and performs up to 2.5x better than what the preceding generation had to offer. The 6th generation is so technically advanced that it offers 30x better graphics and supports gaming like it has never been supported before. Buy 6th Generation Laptops in Pakistan.