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This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions regarding prices, ordering and warranty of products.



l How much discount you offer?
None, because we already offer best prices

l Prices are in "Red" Color what its mean?
It means currently product is not in our stock or low stock level but availability
expected soon.



l How to order online?
Simply email  or Sms 0300 9290282 We will send you Performa invoice and hold your desired product for 24 hours. You will be advised through this Invoice to pay mentioned amount into our online accounts.

l How can I get delivery at my door step?
Upon payment confirmation from bank we will deliver goods to courier, normally it takes 1-2 working days to deliver by courier at your doorstep.

l What are shipping charges?
We offer free Delivery All over Pakistan.

l How can I buy my desired product by personal visit?
We have Outlet in Karachi ,Where you can visit personally
and choose your desired Product, Order or Buy. Payment through cash or credit card accepted.


l How can I submit warranty claim ?
Send your faulty unit to our Customer Support Centre in Karachi through courier or personally along with original Purchase Invoice. We will check it and if found faulty we will forward it to supplier/manufacturer for further process.

l How long it will take to return back faulty units ?
Normally it will take 15 to 30 days subject to manufacturer's warranty return policy.

l What is conditional warranty?
It means our customer support representative is not satisfied that the fault is appeared by manufacturing reason or it seems that the unit is damaged/burn. In this case warranty may be given by confirmation of supplier/manufacturer which may take 45-60days in acceptance or rejection or May chargeable.

l How would I know that my warranty is ready?
Once unit will be repaired or replaced by supplier/manufacturer we will let you know by sending Sms to the number provided by you. In case you didn't receive sms for a long time you can call/sms/email by giving your warranty receipt number.


l How can I check more technical details of my desired product?
While browsing our price pages click any product for manufacturer's link for further technical details.

l My pc component failure is very rapid, what should I do ?
Globally standard pc component has 2% failure rate, unfortunately in Pakistan due to electrical ground problems it goes up to 8%. It is advised to use proper wiring and electrical switches/circuit breaker.

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