The Latest and Upgraded Apple - MacBook Pro 15.4" Intel Core i9 Processor Laptop



The laptop also comes with a great display. The 15.4 inch laptop comes with an HD display with a resolution of 2880 pixels x 1800 pixels with 220 pixels per inch. The display is sharp especially for designers; the MacBook Pro’s screen is like a dream come true. The clear display allows focusing on every detail on the screen. The Retina display gives a pixel free feel to images making the virtual experience much refined. It also helps the designer and viewer get the idea of what the image might look like after it has been printer, especially text will appear sharper and clearer.

Furthermore, users can easily work long nights and spend hours before the screen without straining their eyes. The True Tone feature that was introduced in the 2017 iPhones is an adaptive technology that adjusts the screen’s colour hues and tones to match the physical atmosphere of the user. It produces a yellower and warmer colour scheme that lets your eyes gaze into the screen for hours. Obviously, for users who do not find this feature helpful or rather consider it as a hindrance, they can always turn the True Tone option off by going into the System Preferences.

With the previous models, Apple received multiple criticisms and even a law suit against their keyboards. Users complained about the keyboards’ failures such as jammed keys and jiggered keyboard altogether. Apple has made adjustments to their defective keyboards. The Butterfly Keyboards have a paper thin silicon layer underneath the keys that will protect it from dust and any kind of dirt; a step that would eliminate jammed keys.

The membrane will also make the keyboard silent as a ninja that diminishes any kind of clicking noise whilst typing. The keyboard is black in colour with spacious keys that require a maximum of 77mm travel. Below the stylish keyboard sits probably the biggest track pad to feature in any laptop. It measures 6.3 in by 3.9 in. With a matte finished look the trackpad is highly responsive, and can easily support multi touch gestures. A great spec with the trackpad is the Force Touch feature.


The Force Touch feature has replaced the traditional dual mouse buttons. Instead, through the Force touch the entire track pad is converted into a mouse button. If pressed with high Force, the user can access extra options of any program they might be running. Through the Force Touch feature you can force click a link in the Safari explorer to get an inline broadcast of a website, you can also use the force click on a file to change its name or see a quick preview of the content inside.


Apple MacBook Pro brings specs and features of the future. It has eliminated any other kind of USB port, and comes with four ThunderBolt 3 ports that let you connect two 4k monitors at the same time. Another great component of the MacBook Pro is the touch bar that extends on top of the keyboard. The OLED touch bar is a strip that has replaced the typical function keys. It automatically adjusts itself to the program the user is running on the system. Hence, it lets you have a greater control over the system. Moreover, it also lets you control the volume and the brightness of the system. It lets you copy and paste a file, or access a website through a simple touch. The Touch ID sensor present on the touch pad provides protection to your data.


The laptop features an HD webcam and a highly responsive microphone that is perfect for facetiming with family or showing them your artwork. The camera focuses on the contrasts and brightness of the user’s surroundings to help produce sharp video quality. The two speakers sit on each side of the keyboard. The speakers give you noiseless sound, and give you loud cinema quality audio. The MacBook Pro has a satisfactory cooling system and maintains heat below 96 degrees.


The fans run quietly in the background, even when working tirelessly you would not notice that they are running. The MacBook Pro does not stop there. It comes with an excellent battery that gives you ten hours with a single charge. MacBook Pro 15 houses all these features in a sleek body of 13.75 in x 9.48 in x 0.61 in and measures about 4.02 pounds.


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