LaCie Porsche Design 2TB Portable External Hard Drive With USB-C (2.5")

LaCie Porsche Design 2TB Portable External Hard Drive With USB-C (2.5")


LaCie Porsche Design is not only fantastic in design it is just as efficient when it comes to storing your important documents.


With a matte light gold finish, the LaCie Porsche is a piece of art measuring 3.3 inches in width, 5 inches in length and only 0.4 inches in thickness.


The unique design is minimalist that represents practicality and portability. Encased in aluminium body it makes for a strong yet light weight device that can be carried anywhere painlessly.


The portable device is compatible with almost all devices including computers, laptops, DVD players, car stereos and industrial controllers. It includes both Type-C USB port and Type-A USB cables for increased compatibility.

The USB C design makes it easier to work with any laptop regardless of its model and design. Similarly the USB C does not require any proper orientation eliminating the problem of flipping the cable multiple times.


With the LaCie Porsche you can transfer data at an remarkably fast speed of 5 Gb/s and perform quick backups.


The hard drive comes with a two month complimentary membership for Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing you to edit, store and organise your high resolution photos from anywhere and anytime.


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