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Apple iTunes Cards in Pakistan

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Apple`s stores have not only increased in numbers but have drastically increased in their sizes. From Apple`s first Digital App store – iTunes Store, Apple has come a long way and has added numerous stores on the front that offer millions of applications for hundreds of Apple`s product. Buy Apple iTunes Cards in Pakistan from at reasonable prices.

Today, Apple`s digital stores are imputed by many connoisseurs and experts in the industry to be the best in the world, leaving behind their counterparts by Google and Microsoft. Obviously, a major role in this regard is played by over 45 million applications available on Apple`s digital stores; however, what really makes these store unique apart from their quality and quantity of applications, is the payment methods and stress-free purchasing provided by Apple to the users.

As Pakistani users are presented with only two purchasing options at the Apple`s digital stores – Apple ID funds and debit/credit cards, Paklap brings for its Apple-users a wide range of iTunes Cards that can be redeemed to add funds to the Apple ID to make purchases from over 45 million quality-applications.

Why Even Purchase iTunes Cards?

A number of iTunes Cards available for purchase come with a discount or an added bonus. As a result, whenever the Apple-users redeem these cards, they can make purchases of an amount more than the card`s actual worth.

Furthermore, these cards, whether tangible or intangible, can be gifted to your loved ones to allow them to make purchases of quality games, Augmented Reality (AR) featured applications, immersive books and every other application available on the App Store.

Moreover, unlike debit/cards, iTunes Cards aren’t connected to the local banking channel. Thus, even if your banking system is down, with an iTunes Card at your disposal, you can be stress-free when making a purchase on the Apple`s digital stores, because a genuine iTunes Card always gets redeemed!       

What Can Be Purchased Using iTunes Cards?

Everything digital that Apple has to offer can be purchased using iTunes Cards after they have been redeemed. Using the store credit from these cards, the Apple-users can purchase their favorite application from iTunes Store, iBooks Store, App Store and can even upgrade or buy the iCloud storage.

In a nutshell, with an iTunes Card, the users can purchase their favorite high-end games, social media apps, lifestyle applications, breathtaking movies, immersive books, the latest AR applications and everything in between. The only prerequisite is that the user must have an Apple ID so that the iTunes Cards can be converted into store-credit.

How to Redeem Your iTunes Card?

The first step in redeeming an iTunes Card is to find out the redemption code printed on the back of the card. If the card is in tangible form, the redemption code is generally a 16-digit code printed under the label on the back. Scratch it gently or peel it off and the redemption code becomes visible.

On the contrary, if you get your iTunes Cards via email, the redemption code can be easily known, once you click “Redeem Now” in the email.

After the redemption code is known, based on the device that the user has, the following procedures can be followed to transmute iTunes Cards into store credit. Buy Apple iTune Cards in Pakistsan from at Best Prices.

For iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch

Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can convert iTunes Cards into store credit in the following manner.

  • Open App Store

  • Choose today and tap your photo on the top right section of the screen

  • Tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code” and then follow by signing up with the Apple ID

  • Choose “enter your code manually” and follow the instructions

  • Enter your redemption code and tap done

For Mac and PC

Using your Mac or PC, you can convert iTunes Cards into store credit in the following manner.

  • Open iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID

  • Select Account > Redeem on the application`s screen

  • Choose “enter your code manually” and follow the instructions

  • Enter your redemption code and tap done

When all is said and done, iTunes Cards are remarkable tools that can be utilized at home or any other place to purchase your favorite applications from the top-notch digital application stores run by Apple. Make your purchases today from, and avail astounding discounts on a wide range of iTunes Cards.