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A large number of professions nowadays require giving demonstrations, reports and presentations to a variety of audience. These presentations can be addressed to your immediate boss, the directors of your company, support groups, trainees, spectators and even students.

However, what really grinds the gears for any of these audiences is the unprofessionalism depicted by the presenter by not using a presenter (presentation remote). Walking up to the screen every time to help the audience understand a figure or pointing out from far away to call for attention towards an image sounds really unprofessional, does it not?

Well for your ease, Paklap now introduces presenters to its comprehensive collection of technology. Not only this section includes presenters from some of the best presenter manufacturers in the industry, but also entails a huge assortment, so that you can choose the best presenter that suits your needs.

A brief synopsis of what the presenters at Paklap can do for you is delineated below.

Phenomenal Presentations

No need to walk to the screen anymore! All the presenters at Paklap are equipped with laser technology that allows you to point out the minutest details on the screen. Sporting strong bright colours, the lasers can be used from a distance to draw attention to any point on the screen, even in the most lit up rooms.

Not only this, the latest and the hottest presenters are also equipped with magnifying and highlighting features. These features allow the presenter to zoom in at the point of interest and brighten up any figure on the screen, respectively.  

Time Management Features

Have a limited time slot and want to cover every aspect of your presentation? The hottest presenters at our arsenal come equipped with a time management feature.

This feature allows the user to set up a time frame for each and every slide on the app. As a result, the presenter starts to vibrate when the time is about to end, notifying you to conclude the slide and move on to the next one.


Every presenter at our comprehensive online collection works with either Windows, MAC or both. It’s up to you to find the one that best meets your needs.

Moreover, the latest presenters are extremely convenient to connect. Majority of them connect to the computer systems without the pre-installation of any software. However, those that require a software to install are also easy to connect, as the software can be downloaded online without any trouble from the manufacturer`s website.

The latest presenters also feature a frequency hopping technology. This feature allows the presenters to automatically eschew away from other frequency signals and connect to the one required by the user.

Operate from a Distance

The distance from which a presenter is usable, is perhaps the most glaring feature to look for in a presenter. The hottest presenters at Paklap have a range of over 95 feet i.e. over 25 meters! So no matter if you are walking around the stage or are standing next to the audience, with a presenter from Paklap, you can be confident that you still control the screen.     

Intuitive Designs

As Paklap offers you products from only the best manufacturers in the industry, in this section, you can get your hands on some of the most distinctive and handy presenters in the market. Not only the contours of the presenters available at our arsenal are made to fit every hand, but some of the presenters also sport a digital display that allows you to manage time more efficiently and deliver presentations more effectively.

Long Battery Life

Battery is another vital feature that needs to be considered before the purchase of any presenter. Rest assured, any products you purchase from this section have a prolong battery life. Many of the hottest presenters that you can find here offer up to 400 days standby time and 35 hours of operating time before any charging is required.

Taking everything into account, the presenters available in this section of the store are excessively handy gadgets that not only make giving presentations a whole lot easier for you, but also ensure that the next time you deliver a presentation, your professional persona remains intact.    

Getting tired of walking to the screen and pointing with your fingers to make the audience understand your point? Well, NO MORE!

Purchase a presenter from our extensive online collection and deliver your presentations like never before.

Happy Paklapping!