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Memory Cards

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  1. Kingston Memory Card Micro SD Card with Adaptar 8GB (Brand Warranty)
    Rs. 850
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Technology has advanced and so have our needs. Nowadays, nobody would pay a dime for a technological problem solving device that does not have a memory to hold the results.

Keeping this need of the users in mind, most of the devices are manufactured with an internal memory, which usually isn`t enough or are manufactured with no built-in memory at all. To overcome all these obstacles and to cater the needs of the users, developers from various big brands have started to manufacture their memory cards.

Memory cards can be connected with the built-in memory of the devices to enhance the storage space for the users. They come in various types, size and speed.

MiniSD cards are ideal when it comes to boost the memory of mobile phones.
MicroSD cards provide enhanced storage for mobile phones and other devices.
SD cards are optimum for storing high quality images. Best to be used with DSLRs.
SDHC cards are a superior version of SD cards that provide far better storage capacity than SD cards.
SDXC card is the newest and the hottest memory card in the market. It provides relatively immense storage capacity as compared to its counterparts.
Memory sticks is a type of memory card that is used mostly by Sony`s digital cameras.
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